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Meet our Artist

All professionally trained and certified! 

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Monroe Lapaislie (Owner) 

My real name is Mariah, I am 26 years old. I have two kids, a boy named Jaxson who is 6, a girl named Paisley who is 3. I was born in Red Oak, Tx and moved to Dallas when I was 21.

I opened Monroe Lapaislie Studio in July 2021 with hopes that it would be as successful as I planned it in my head lol! I’ve been open for about 5 months now and I honestly could not be more grateful for the team I picked for my business. You know working with all women can be very scary bc of all the personalities but I literally got so blessed with everyone. I have been doing makeup for now officially 6 years! I barely went full time last year during the pandemic, such a scary move but it was the best decision ever. Makeup was never a passion of mine,  I wanted to be a vet when I was a kid lol, But when I grew up I had no idea what I wanted to do. I got into makeup when the whole “contour and conceal” came out. 
If you asked me where I would be in 5 years when I started, I definitely wouldn’t have predicted this. I was always hard on myself, always comparing myself to other artist who were better than me. And that made me into what I am today. Always pushing myself and telling myself I wasn’t as good. All that negative pressure on me, pushed me. Talent isn’t built over night, it’s not built over 1 class, 1 certification, 1 license. It’s dedication, motivation, it’s having a baby and paying bills that your 9-5 doesn’t cover. It’s building an empire with no help. I wasn’t born with this talent, I taught myself this talent. I don’t know where I’ll be in the next 5 years but knowing me, I know sky is the limit and I have two people looking up to me, counting on me for greatness. 

Find your motivation & stay down. There’s always someone else better than you. But keep going until you’re confident in what you’re doing. Once YOU ARE CONFIDENT, no one can tear you down 


Aminta Lainfiesta 

Hello beauties my name is Aminta but go by A.j. 
I am a Texas girl but come from Guatemalan decent. I have a beautiful blended family of 1 girl and 3 boys so I have my hands full at home.

 I have been in the night life industry for 8+ years and managed multiple bars but makeup has always been a passion of mine. Since high school I have always glammed my friends and family, and they always pushed me to pursue makeup full time but I was always too scared. 
Finally in 2020 I decided to pursue makeup full time  and then COVID hit. I took that year to practice and better my self and I honestly feel very grateful to have found Monroe and be a part of her studio. 
Monroe has been the best mentor pushing me to elevate my career in makeup. Our team is top tier, fun to be around and we’re constantly learning from each other.

 I can’t wait to glam you beauties and share my passion. 

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Maryssa Molina 

Hello all, I would like to introduce myself for those who don’t know me or have never gotten their makeup done by me before.My name is Maryssa. I am half black and half Mexican. I am 25 years old and I was born and raised in Irving Tx and recently moved to Dallas.

I am currently working full time at a Geotechnical Engineering Group while also being a full time makeup artist at Monroe Lapaislie Studio.

 In 2020 I received my business degree and shortly after I went to cosmetology school and became a licensed esthetician. 

My plan after receiving my license was to become a lash artist, however nothing is ever as it seems.

 Makeup has always been a thing for me but I never thought in a million years I could make a career out of it, but here I am. I love what I do and will always perfect my craft every chance I get. 
To all my clients and future clients thank you for everything. Grateful would be an understatement. The amount of love and support I have received is unreal.

Always remember “You are braver than you believe, smarter than you seem, and stronger than you think.” 


Lizeth Guaderrama 

A little bit about me so you know who you are with at your next appointment! My name is Lizeth but I go by Liz! I’m 23 years old.I have one baby girl, Nayeli, she is 1 year old. I was born and raised in Arlington. Moved to Grand Prairie at the age of 10. 

I’ve been a professional MUA for a year now, but I started pursing makeup when I was 13. I used to watch my sister and her friends get dolled up and I remember wanting to do it to! My sister and her friends would give me makeup they didn’t use and I would practice on myself. 

By the time I was a senior in high school, my friends thought I was good enough to trust me with their prom makeup (s/o to yall!), looking back I can’t believe they trusted me! 

I always knew that’s what I wanted to do but I had a lot of self doubt. It took me while to figure out that I was in the way of my own success, I had nothing to lose. I needed to do what I loved and at least say I tried! I made my IG account in 2019 to start building a portfolio to help my career. 

It’s 2021 and now I work at an upscale studio in Dallas. Never doubt yourself and always listen to your heart! I’m forever grateful for the ones who have helped my journey and the ones who have stuck around to watch me grow!
 2022 I’m coming harder and better! I know where I’m destined to be, it’s the journey that matters! 


Paola Rojas 

Hi everyone my name is Paola! Let me tell you a little bit about myself for anyone who has ever booked me or is thinking about booking! I’m 23 years old, I’ve been married for 3 years with my amazing husband Adan.

I was born in Guanajuato, Mexico & came to Dallas, Texas  when I was 2 years old. 

I have been doing makeup professionally for around a year & a half now but my journey with makeup started at the age of 15. 

I was never into doing other people’s makeup since I only had a part time job at 16 & wouldn’t make much money to invest in a kit. I was all about “Instagram” eye makeup, I loved getting creative & doing colorful extensive looks (which I still love) I love a soft glam for a night out/ special occasion but I can’t lie I love me some color & cut creases! I started investing in my kit around a year ago like crazy! Almost all my money went into my kit! 

I started loving doing other people’s makeup when I lost the fear of doing a terrible job & them hating it lol I fell in love with getting creative not just with my self but the freedom of having different canvases & learning each step of the way. I always prayed to have the opportunity to become a good makeup artist & to become someone who could uplift others & give confidence with a simple brush stroke. I love what I do! I cannot be more thankful for all of my clients who trusted me with their beautiful faces! 

I’m ready for the future & the growth that comes with it, I know this is my purpose! 

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Zakia Rashid 

Hey loves, My name is Zakia and I’m 21 years old. I recently moved from New York City, big change I know!

 I got into makeup when I was 12-13. I used to sneak and wear it to school after my dad dropped me off. When high school approached I used to wear a full face of makeup to school every single day. So many girls would ask me to do their makeup for special occasions. Everyone I knew would tell me to start doing this for a living but I never believed in myself. I never thought I was good enough. I never saw what people saw in me. 

After coming to Dallas for a fresh start from a bad past, I had to work a 9-5 just so I can get bills paid and take care of myself. Countless months of working overtime I couldn’t do it anymore, I couldn’t let my life pass by anymore, I wanted to do what I loved. I finally started to do makeup.
When I’m applying makeup, it feels like everything going on in my life stops for 2 hours. Nothing at the moment matters, all the problems in my life start to disappear and all the chaos starts to dim. When clients are sitting in my chair it’s more than just that, it’s about building life long relationships. The best part about all this? The final product. My client’s faces when they see how they look at the end. The confidence I give women. That’s why I do this. As a women who struggled with confidence once in my life, I live for self love and acts of care for myself. 

For a long time I thought I wasn’t deserving or worthy enough to make something out of my life. 
You guys don’t know how blessed I feel to be able to do this now. To do something I truly love. Working doesn’t feel like work. All the struggles suddenly make sense. 

The learning never stops, the feeling like I’m not good enough never goes away, but that’s what will make me reach the stars. 

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Ashley Alvizo

Heyyy y’all, I would love to introduce myself to my current and future clients here at Monroe’s studio! My name is Ashley. I’m 28 years young. Born in Dallas , raised in Grand Prairie Tx. I’m a full time mommy to three handsome boys and now a full time, self taught makeup artist. 

Something I’ve always pictured calling myself !! PURRR! When I hit middle school is when I really started getting into the makeup world. Every chance I had, I asked for makeup and makeup palettes. Then on my free time I would sit and watch The YouTube beauty gurus! Then I would sit and practice my makeup on myself. When I got to high school my friends and family trusted me to do their makeup ( shout out to y’all fr ) I was lost after high school. A teen mom finding herself, finding something that truly made me happy in my life, besides being a badass mom. Here I’m finding myself and I feel like I have found my calling, and I’m hungrier then ever  

This in only the beginning of my journey and I look forward to bonding and building that relationship with my clients,  making y’all feel beautiful on inside and the outside 


Clarissa Mejia

Hey babes! My name is Clarissa I am 22 years old! Born in Anaheim, California, raised in Dallas Texas. 
I am a full time Nail technician and life insurance agent. Growing up, I never thought i’d become a nail tech, it’s just something that kinda happened out of no where and I happened to be good at it! I would get off from my 9-5 and practice nails everyday. It wasn’t easy but nothing good comes easy. I am so blessed to be in the position I am now of being a entrepreneur. I am so grateful and thankful for my existing and future clients. I am extremely blessed and highly favored by y’all! Can’t wait to continue to grow and have y’all grow with me.


Brianna Judith Zapata

Hey everyone I would like to introduce myself for those who don’t know me.

My name is Brianna, but everyone calls me Bri I am 20 years old. I was born & raised in Dallas Tx. 

I’m a full time mommy to my beautiful baby boy Gael & I’m also a makeup artist at Monroe Lapaislie Studio. I graduated high school in 2020 & I recently graduated college with my Associate of Arts. I’ve had a passion for the beauty world ever since I was 13. I would watch my mom do her makeup & I remember wanting to do mine too. I was most interested in makeup when I was in high school. I would buy eyeshadow pallets every chance I could. Recreating makeup looks from makeup tutorials became a hobby for me. Those who went to school with me know I would show up every morning with a full beat I’m a shy person, but I’m so proud of myself for coming out of my bubble to finally pursue my dream job.

My mua journey officially began in the beginning of this year. Starting my business & joining Monroe’s studio has been a dream come true. It makes me so happy being able to call myself a makeup artist I'm forever grateful for those who have helped me get to where I am now. I love working in this industry & I want to keep learning more things as I go, so I can one day expand my business. I’m thankful for all my clients & my future ones as well This is only the beginning, I can’t wait to see what else God has planned for me.


Vanessa Galindo

Hey y’all ! I’d love to finally introduce myself to everyone. My name is Vanessa  I’m a 22year old, mommy of two under two  and a Certified/Licensed Lash Tech 
I started working from home shortly after my certification but I didn’t start officially booking clients & promoting until after the pandemic.. I found out I was pregnant during that time as well which set me back a little. I knew I had the patience to lash but I was too shy & scared to promote my work  Working from home & having newborn had it’s pros & cons. I didn’t want to just invite/ trust anyone in my home. But it did help since I didn’t really have to leave my baby anywhere else. After my 2nd pregnancy I decided to commit & start lashing full time! I also took a leap of faith to work at a studio with a team that provides different talents. This helped provide a better & more profesional environment for my clients  This is just the beginning for me and I’m so proud of how much I’ve advanced these last couple months with you guys support  I really can’t thank everyone enough for the love they’ve shown!! I love what I do and I am extremely excited to continue meeting & building relationships with you all.


Alfonso Ruiz

My name is Alfonso mostly known as Makeupbyalfonso. 

I’ve been in the makeup industry for 5 years but full time for 2 years. It all started right after I graduated high school, I knew I always wanted to be part of the beauty industry. I love being able to help people feel confident/better about themselves.

 Makeup is my passion. I complain that I’m to booked and busy but I honestly love it. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. One of my personal goals in life is to be able to glam a celebrity.

 You can find me on all social media platform with my @makeupbyalfonso. 

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